Educational Results Partnership (ERP) is all about shining light on the “bright spots” in education. That’s what we call schools that are outperforming their peers. They aren’t anomalies or accidents. They’re everywhere.

In fact, data tells us that schools and colleges are succeeding all over the country. Yet, politicians and the media continue to say our schools are broken beyond repair. This is a dangerous myth, and it needs to be busted.

That’s why we decided to try something different. Our work focuses on identifying schools and colleges that are getting the best results for students, connecting them with schools that want to improve, and fostering collaboration to improve outcomes for all students.

We do it through data and analytics. We have accumulated the nation’s largest database on student achievement – at the state, college, school district and school level. This data is publicly available at no cost.

We analyze the data to uncover successful schools and identify replicable best practices that can increase performance at any school. We use it to debunk excuses about why students can’t learn, and focus instead on how they can learn.

Our work doesn’t focus on standardized testing or compliance checklists. It’s about finding out what works for students – and doing it.  It’s simple, really. If more schools apply proven best practices, more students will succeed. This will result in more college-ready high school graduates and, eventually, more career-ready college graduates.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization with no political affiliation or agenda – just an abiding conviction that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

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