College readiness may well be determined at the earliest foundational stages of education. ERP’s research utilizes Kindergarten through 12th grade data to identify critical momentum points or transitions where students are at risk for falling behind in Math and English. Our work supports curricular alignment and evidence-based placement for improved transitions for students from middle school to high school.

The ERP Honor Roll program recognizes schools and districts that consistently demonstrate high levels of student achievement and reduction in achievement gaps. The program allows educators, school leaders, and policymakers to identify successful peers and learn from effective practices and strategies.

Our Work at a Glance: Marylin Avenue Elementary School (Livermore, CA)

Marylin Avenue Elementary was once one of the lowest-performing schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then a new principal arrived. Using ERP’s Honor Roll data, online directory and search tool, he identified demographically similar schools and districts that were achieving far better results. He then visited several of those schools with a team of teachers to learn about strategies to drive improvement. Since using our data to identify and implement effective educational strategies, Marylin Avenue has seen dramatic test score gains among Latino and low-income students, and its attendance rate improved from last in the district to one of the best.