Educational Results Partnership Privacy and Security Overview

Educational Results Partnership uses publically available data from multiple sources to provide aggregate reports of student progress through the educational pipeline to highlight bright spots and improve teaching and learning. Personally identifiable student record information is protected at all stages of the process. All reports available on our web site are aggregates that suppress small student counts to prevent identification of specific students.

Doesn’t FERPA prevent sharing of student data?

The requirements of FERPA allow data sharing when records are released to “organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of educational agencies or institutions for the purpose of … improving instruction, if such studies are conducted in a manner as will not permit the personal identification of students and their parents by persons other than representatives of such organizations…” in 20 U.S.C. Section 1232g(b)(1)(F).

Is my school, district, or college’s data safe?

Educational Results Partnership servers are housed at the San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) data center, which is only accessible to SJDC Data Center and Educational Results Partnership IT staff. Access is monitored 24/7 via cameras and other means. Educational Results Partnership utilizes industry best practices in protected stored data. All data is encrypted during transfers and while at rest. All backups are encrypted. All users must have valid usernames and passwords to access anything other than public reports. No sensitive data is stored on systems accessible from the Internet.

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